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chat with an instructors

In order to provide as much information as you might need about our course offerings as well as answer questions from active students, we offer this online chat service that will allow you to chat with NECI instructors. Instructors are not available 24 hours a day, so you can always reach us through our contact us page and we will respond to your questions and comments as quickly as possible.

To chat with an available instructor, click the image below. A small new window should open. If you have a popup blocker installed, please disable the popup blocker before clicking the image below.

Some of the most popular and common chat topics that have been discussed using our online chat service are shown below. Feel free to browse this list and if your topic is not listed, we'd still be happy to chat and help in any way we can.

  • Making Money
  • Choosing a Professional Organization
  • Dealing with Bridezilla and Her Entourage
  • Managing a Home Office � Pajamas and Your Life
  • Balancing Work and Your Personal
  • Brides � Friend or Foe?
  • Happiness Is.Owning a Small Business
  • Delegating is the Name of the Game
  • Growing Your Team � How to Hire
  • Your Final Answer � How to Accept or Decline a Wedding
  • Choosing the Right Wedding Consulting Training Program
  • Professional Wedding Consultant � What Skills Pay the Bills?
  • A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Consultant
  • The Best and Worst Thing About Being a Professional Wedding Consultant
  • Too Many Hats � Side Businesses for Wedding Consultants
  • Getting Started � Doing Your Day Job and Starting Your Business
  • Learning New Tricks � The Benefits of Continuing Education
  • Keeping Up With Trends � Orange is The New Pink
  • Solving the Mystery: What Does a Wedding Planner DO?!
  • Help! Getting Started as a Wedding Planner
  • Service Offerings:
    • What to Offer and How to Charge
    • How to Get Hired
    • How to Market Your Business
    • Hark the Heroine � Handling emergencies
    • Vendors are Valuable: Finding Good Vendors and Keeping Them Happy
    • Preparation is 99% of the Work
    • The Wedding Weekend � what works, what doesn�t
    • Tales from the Altar and Chuppah�Stories You Wouldn�t Believe
  • The Knot