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Sarah de la Fuente, BA, MPAff
Austin Weddings Unlimited
A native Texan, Sarah was born in Dallas, high-tailed it to Houston at 6 weeks old (well, ok, her parents moved), and landed in her beloved Austin in 1988, where she has resided ever since. She is a graduate of St. Agnes Academy and The University of Texas, and she has a master�s degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. In addition to her non-denominational license and ordination, she is a deacon in the Presbyterian Church, and has served as the Director of Volunteer Services for a local congregation. She adores historical fiction, T.S. Eliot�s �Journey of the Magi,� swimming, a good sense of humor, and a small cabin get-away outside of Canyon Lake, Texas. Sam makes her cycle while they talk about weddings, and so she is learning to love her bike, too.

Having officiated at hundreds of weddings for couples of every imaginable spiritual background, Sarah believes that a diversity of opinions, cultures, spirituality, politics, and tastes may sometimes challenge a marriage, but also offer an opportunity for deeply meaningful relationships and personal enrichment.

Sarah lives her beliefs daily, being married since 1994 to Joe, her best friend. Together, their greatest treasures are their two children, and the marriage they�ve worked hard to cultivate.


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