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"My advisor was very professional and extremely helpful." [more]

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"I wanted to let you know that I used the Sample Form of the Explanation of Services (from the training manual) as a reference to make my own explanations about services I offer in my packages. It was very helpful for me because I tend to get stuck on what to say and often have a hard time selling myself. So I took the information and applied it to the services I was talking to a bride and her mother about, and they actually had a better understanding of what I was offering them. I can tell you that this instance alone was well worth signing up for this class. Thanks for all that you have done to help others achieve success in this business and give them the knowledge that is necessary to do this job well-it is so valuable and I know that I made a very good decision in taking this course!" - Donna

"The manual was put together nicely and I really liked how the material was broken down in each chapter." - Tracy Kilpatrick

"The manual is very detailed and thorough. I continually go back to manual for reference." - Lacy Pool

"The manual is incredibly impressive with a wealth of knowledge and information." - Denise Silverman, Soir�

"I found the manual to be very easy to read and to follow not only through each individual lesson but also transitioning from one lesson to another." - Kristin Krcha

"The test questions were relevant to real life situations and made you think how you would handle these problems." - Lacy Pool

"The tests followed directly along with the chapter content. I felt that the essay style questions were very thought provoking." - Kristin Krcha

"The online instructors were very helpful. I enjoyed getting different perspectives and real life situation stories. The online classes were very beneficial to me and the open discussions were very interesting and helpful. I looked forward to the chapter recaps every week." - Lacy Pool

"My advisor was wonderful!! She responded to all my e-mails in a timely fashion. She provided great feedback on my tests and was generally there when I needed help with anything." - Tracy Kilpatrick

"My advisor was very professional and extremely helpful." - Lacy Pool

"I had a lot of fun doing the Essential Wedding Project. It was a great learning experience, that I feel will greatly benefit me in the future." - Kristin Krcha

"I was thoroughly pleased with my experience with Nuptial Essentials and would highly recommend it to any friend or colleague looking to get a more in depth knowledge of the business. It also provides a great support system of professionals who you can bounce ideas off of and keep up with the latest in weddings and events!!" - Tracy Kilpatrick, Kiss The Bride

"Using NECI's Professional Wedding Consultant Training Program, I was able enhance the skills I already possessed and learn new skills that put me ahead of other competitors in my area. The knowledge I obtained through this course has been useful everyday of my career." - Erin Craig

"I believe that the Nuptial Essentials classes are extremely professional and more hands on then any other programs that I have researched. I feel very prepared and excited about my work in the future because of these classes. The final project was very helpful and detailed. I feel that because of the time spent on this project and having this format to work with in the future, I will have an advantage in this field." - Lacy Pool

"Great course! Much more in depth than other courses." - Kristie Kitch

"I've seen several wedding consultant training programs and Nuptial Essentials is head and shoulders above the rest. The depth and breadth of knowledge and information is invaluable - to both existing planners and newbies. I went through the course after four years of being in business and still learned a great deal. And my two other planners took the course as well and both learned a lot. All future Soir�e planners will be required to take the Nuptial Essentials program." - Denise Silverman, Soir�

"I enjoyed my course. I was not in the business and had no idea how difficult it is to organize a wedding and reception successfully. The course showed what you need to do in organizing such an event." - Lynn Carter

"I loved this course! It was very comprehensive and an extremely helpful tool to use for my business." - Courtney Caplan, Courtney Caplan Events

"I thought the seminar was well organized and the presenters knew their subject and for the most part were able to convey their expertise with the audience. It also provided a good networking opportunity. The only complaint it that I gained 5 pounds because off all the food and desserts." - Randy Gritz, Weddings Costa Rica

"I really enjoyed the seminar and I'm looking forward to attending ones in the future. I walked away learning a lot of things that will only help my business grow. Great job ladies!" - Kayla Banks, A Perfect Touch

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I MADE IT! I remember when I began searching for a program in March 2008. I took it upon myself to contact the consultant in the area named Kayla Banks to inquire as to the program that she used as I surfed the web to locate GREAT certification progarm. She referred me to Nuptial Essentials. I had not taken an on-lione course and really felt a little uneasy. However, I do enjoy a challenge (that portfolio was a challenge). Well, I'm still pinching myself to verify that it is true. Thank you for taking the time to grade my portfolio personally. I came home and I had guest over. I saw a UPS truck pull up outside of my house. I pulled out the binder and peeked inside the cover and slid out the letter. The first sentence got me at 'Congratulations!!!!' YEA!!!!!! I screamed. I danced around and continued to scream 'I AM A CERTIFIED POFESSIONAL WEDDING CONSULTANT!' Joyce Thomas , PWC... YEAH! Again, thank you for everything. I feel that I'm much more equipped to plan a wedding and feel more confident about it. Your course is well worth it!" - Joyce A. Thomas

"Thanks Amy. By the way, I had a GREAT time. I definetely learned a lot! the whole experience has been wonderful. The materials are perfect and I feel so secure approaching vendors, clients and potential clients. You rock!" - Martha Perez

"Thanks Amy. By the way, I had a GREAT time. I definetely learned a lot! the whole experience has been wonderful. The materials are perfect and I feel so secure approaching vendors, clients and potential clients. You rock!" - Martha Perez

"Thanks Amy. By the way, I had a GREAT time. I definetely learned a lot! the whole experience has been wonderful. The materials are perfect and I feel so secure approaching vendors, clients and potential clients. You rock!" - Martha Perez

"Hi Amy, I wanted you to know how much I am enjoying getting my certification. I have followed all of the steps outlined in the book and am applying them to my everyday business. I got my DBA, have organized my office, outlined my services and contracts and am ready to work on as many events as I can! Thank you for your guidance and has really been worthwhile and truly inspiring! I am sure I will have some questions along the way, but for right now, I seem to be on track." - Heather Carroll

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